P A R A M O U N T . S U P P O R T . S E R V I C E S
"Empowerment through choices and opportunities"

Paramount Snack Services

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A healthy choice for your employees done tastefully.  Paramount snack
services is designed to assist individuals with disabilities in their
desire to work in the community.  Snack services will provide your
business with a container of snacks which can include healthy snack
choices.  Items will be inventoried and refilled regularly.
Considerations will be given to individual customer preferences.

Paramount snack services is of no cost to your business.  Snack services
will supply the container of snacks and healthy food choices.  Prices
will be clearly marked on each item and employees can deposit the amount
of the item selected into the money receptacle provided.  We operate on
an “Honor System” and your business will not be responsible for any
monetary or item discrepancies.

Along with providing your employees the opportunity to purchase fresh
snacks on site, you are providing individuals with disabilities the
opportunity to learn valuable job skills that will enhance their
opportunity to participate in community employment.

Snack Service Testimonials

“I would like to let you know that your service is appreciated. The
snacks are always fresh and they put items in the box that we like. Our
crews come in the morning and at the end of the day for a sugar fix. The
girls are always very courteous and are a pleasure to talk to. The box
is always filled with items we like and it comes in handy. Again, thanks
for your service.”

– Dean Redinger, Energy Coordinator CAC Belmont Co., Inc.

“We love the Snack Service, the variety is great.  The service is
wonderful, just like clockwork, the girls come in and remove the one box
and replace it with a fresh new one.  We can also tell the girls if we
want a special item.  The truly do give service with a smile.”

-Vivid Graphix